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Published: 14/09/2022

Innovative Kelvin Grove start-up Benzina Zero has a global plan to get cars off the road, revealing its full range of stylish, practical and affordable electric road scooters on 15 September at their National Launch being held at EV Moto Brisbane

Benzina Zero’s classic European-style sit-down moped scooters are designed for work and play and have already attracted international interest with 20 countries set to sell the high-quality, road-registered scooters. The robust scooters charge via a normal electric socket right next to your phone.

Business partners and scooter enthusiasts Joe D’Ercole and Ben Silver have 40 years of combined scooter selling experience and have joined forces with 10 dealers around the country to retail these exciting products. In Brisbane this coming Thursday are holding their national launch at EV Moto Brisbane which will showcase current products and new model releases.

EV Moto Brisbane is an initiative of the Bartons Automotive Group who are excited to join Joe and Ben as a retail outlet for Benzina. This is an Australian First 100% Electric Store retailing road registered scooter bikes across multiple brands alongside their electric cart range. Our EV Moto Garage Lifestyle concept is a “cool vibe” showroom that appeals to people of all ages suiting the vast range of electric products now for sale said Mark Beitz, Managing Director from Bartons. Benzina Zero is our “Hero Electric Brand” that has been designed with a European Flavour and Italian Vibe and we are proud to be partnering with Joe and Ben from Benzina.

Only recently the product was showcased in Italy where it was received with rave reviews. “The Italians love the way they look,” Joe D’Ercole said. “I was on a Duo in Italy in August and locals were literally flagging me down from the sidewalks and shouting out from balconies to ask me what it was and where they could buy one.”

There are four models in the Benzina Zero – which means zero fuel in Italian – range. They include the slick City model which can go up to 80km on a single charge and has a top speed of 45km/h and the Sport which can go up to 90km on a single charge and up to speeds of 75km/h.

The ultra-versatile Duo range can reach speeds up to 65km/h with a range of up to 105km. The Duo has more than 20 different attachments that can be easily fitted to carry all sorts of goods: a surfboard, beach umbrella, music equipment or a large grocery shop.

A performance-orientated Duo model, an off-road scooter and an Instagram-worthy European-commemorative moped will all be unveiled at this month’s official Benzina Zero launch.

“We are ready to go,” Ben from Benzina said.

“We have the Duo, City and Sport models in our warehouses and in dealerships right now and our new models will start production in 2023.”

“Everyone is talking about electric,” Ben said. “People are starting to make the switch because they can see the social, lifestyle and environmental benefits. Swapping a car for a Benzina Zero electric scooter means you can remove two tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions from our atmosphere every year.” Benzina are standing behind their passion for the environment by pledging to regenerate one square metre of Australian land for every scooter sold to build a Benzina Zero forest.“

“Our prices mean that our Benzina Zero scooters are available to stacks of people. It’s a fantastic second vehicle for a family who want more mobility but not a big expense and of course, don’t have the space for a second car and for many people today it will be their primary mode of transport in our ever changing mobility landscape”

Prices range from $4,250 for the City and up to $7,250 for the Sport.

All Benzina Zero scooters are powered by quiet Bosch motors and have four anti-theft elements that work together including an immobiliser, portable alarm, motor and steering lock.

Benzina Zero is a finalist for the Motor Traders Association of Queensland’s Industry Gala for the Innovation Award which will be announced on 19 November.


Benzina Zero will showcase their entire scooter range at a VIP launch event with new model reveals on Thursday 15 September at EV Moto Brisbane, 100 Redland Bay Rd, Capalaba from 5pm-7pm.

An EV Moto Expo Information and Sales Event open to the public will follow the VIP launch and will be held over Friday and Saturday this week – visit for more information.


No fuel. No emissions. No noise.

All Benzina Zero scooters are powered by quiet Bosch motors, can be charged anywhere like a phone, include an anti-theft system and audible alarm and have keyless ignition.


Top speed: 45km/h

Range: up to 80km

The City has a classic scooter styling with a modern, slick twist and is the perfect downtown city commuter.


Top speed: 65km/h

Range: up to 105km

The Duo is designed for hyper-mobility – it can carry a surfboard or the weekly grocery shop. It’s stylish, practical and robust with 12-inch wheels for superior road holding.


Top speed: 75km/h

Range up to 90km

The Sport has an impressive 4100w of power and twin lithium batteries so you can travel further and faster. A twin-speaker Bluetooth audio system and USB charging mean enough power for all your devices.

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